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I was wondering if we can have strawberries at the salad bar. Could we also have strawberry smoothie for children under year 7-8. About the strawberries. If you had not much time left to cut them, it does not matter because you can Just rinse them under the water and put them in a bowl ready for lunch.

Sometimes when I would like a Jacket potato the sign on the board will say but when I come up to the dinner ladies they say there is no more left. But if they had no more potatoes from year. Year, 7, 8 will not have any because all the young ones had eaten them all. So if there are no more potatoes left they should take the sign down otherwise we will get confused, or cook some more.

Also once I was going to have a Jacket potato Tibia was in front of me and she also wanted a potato o when she asked the dinner lady,the dinner lady gave her one and said she can have the last one as well so I could not have any. Sometimes even on the cutlery there is still mashed peas on them and if there was Jam tart for pudding there will be sticky Jam on it to. And also sometimes (not all the times) there is some hair in the food so some of us would like the dinner ladles to wear a hair nets. Kind regards Marie-Claire Potts


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